Monday, May 3, 2010

Design Tattoos - Create Using Oriental Lettering

One of the cool things about many of the newer online tattoo sites is they offer you the ability to design tattoos to meet whatever message you are trying to convey through your body art.

Sites like Chopper Tattoo offer the ability to use traditional oriental lettering in whatever arrangement you desire to create an original message, statement or work of art you would like to have tattooed at your local shop. This is a far cry from the old days where you would go into your local shop and they would only have the standard selection of oriental phrases that millions of other people have as well. Not very original and you also run the risk of getting something that may not really mean what you think it means.

Being able to take the wording and symbols from a online resource and assemble them yourself allows you to design tattoos that you know what they mean and are exactly what you want to say. You can also design tattoos for personal work by requesting certain designs in detail and have them made up and placed on the site for you to download and carry in to your local artist to have done for you.

I personally love what the new online sites have done for those that want to design tattoos either for their own, as a gift for someone else or even a young artist trying to build up a portfolio of designs for his customer base. Any artist that can design tattoos has a distinct advantage over one that is stuck with using whatever artwork they can find out there that every other artist is using as well

I recently had some artwork done on my lower leg in Japanese symbols and in searching through tons of pages I founds various symbols that all seemed to mean the same thing. Using my Chopper membership I was able to verify the correct symbol, make modifications to fit the look I wanted and print it out for my local shop. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to look and it made me feel like I had a hand in the design tattoos process.

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